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Sofico secured 100% course completion across 35 courses with Totara Learn

Sofico is the world’s leading supplier of software solutions and services for asset finance, leasing and fleet mobility management.

Sofico’s software is used at a broad range of renowned leasing companies all over the world. With 30 years of experience, Sofico has developed unparalleled business expertise in the leasing and fleet management industry.

The Challenge

As a fast-growing company which is committed to opening new global offices, Sofico felt that they needed a way to share knowledge more efficiently across the multiple departments and offices in the organisation.

To streamline their knowledge-sharing efforts and incorporate blended learning methods, they decided to start looking for an LMS to complement their current wiki solution and develop a future-proof worldwide learning strategy.

The Solution

In the past, Sofico had experimented with Moodle, but ultimately decided that it didn’t meet their requirements. When they started researching learning platforms more recently, their Moodle research led them to Totara Learn. They knew they wanted a local service, and discovered several Totara Partners in Belgium, before deciding to work with Deloitte Learning Solutions.

Sofico knew that their Totara Learn solution needed to function as both a learning and performance management platform. It needed to not only deliver learning to a dispersed global audience, but also support the HR department’s vision to move competence management, appraisals and feedback online. Initially, the platform would be accessed by new hires and developers.

Most courses on the LMS comprise reading material and a seminar activity, with some courses also including a quiz. Users are also encouraged to give feedback via the system to help Sofico see what’s working and what isn’t for constant improvement of their learning offering. There is a catalogue of all the available courses, and Sofico is also using audiences to manage groups of users more easily.

Deloitte Learning Solutions has also help Sofico set up a range of reports using Totara Learn’s reporting module so that they can monitor what learners are up to. This includes an access report to see which courses are being accessed and by whom, feedback summary reports, audience reports and more. Sofico will also be creating their own e-learning with Adobe Captivate in the future where it is needed.


The Results

The LMS was initially launched in March 2018 to around 25 new hires and 30 development staff, with plans for 250 people to be using Totara Learn by the end of 2018.

Initial feedback has been very positive, and being able to collect feedback directly from the LMS has been a particularly useful step. Sofico’s admins like that Totara Learn has given them a streamlined process for managing courses, and that same process is followed globally for easier course management. According to reports so far, Sofico already have a 100% course completion rate with the LMS across the 35 courses in the system.

From January 2019 onwards, the plan is to launch appraisals in the platform to coincide with employees’ annual evaluations. The platform is currently only available in English, but as the LMS is fully translatable, it is possible that Sofico will consider providing versions in other languages in the future as their global operation continues to grow.

“ The curriculum-based learning approach helped us structure our knowledge into manageable courses. Deloitte helped us to develop our learning environment in accordance with our own principles, joining us in our discovery of Totara Learn without forcing us onto the beaten path.“ – Michaël Kuys, Solution Management


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