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MED-EL Academy drives innovation through a fully integrated learning experience

MED-EL is the global innovation leader in hearing loss solutions. Its systems have restored hearing to more than 200,000 individuals worldwide.

The Challenge

The aim of MED-EL’s online academy was to combine multiple topics for various user groups into a single platform, integrating it as part of its myMED-EL solution for all customers and employees.

The main user groups (MED-EL’s employees, hearing healthcare professionals, implant recipients, caregivers) have different needs and needed separated offerings. A different approach for each user group was necessary – starting from how the users would register to the Academy, how they would navigate through the contents and choose the right topics, webinars, or courses, leading up to how they access their learning history data.

Covering different groups of users in every corner of the world, including countries such as China, Bangladesh, Russia, with different end user devices, varying internet availability and different languages, showed the need of a learning management system that can provide a fully responsive, easy to use and flexible solution.

The Solution

Before switching to Totara, MED-EL was using different other solutions so data migration was necessary. Using Totara Learn’s data import possibilities contents and completion data were transferred to the new system.

MED-EL is hosting Totara on a flexible AWS solution, providing a worldwide, scalable platform for its customers and employees. An integration with the myMED-EL portal was implemented with a custom header, Totara’s OAuth2 and web API possibilities, resulting in a seamless sign up and single sign-on experience, giving the end user the possibility to have a centrally managed account, able to access all MED-EL offers through it.

Totara’s ability to provide custom look and feel according to company’s corporate identity and fit its end user’s needs, enabled MED-EL’s Academy to provide modern, fully responsive training. As part of the customized look and feel Totara’s multi-language options were implemented for currently six languages, more to come soon. This function supports the personalized display of content to the right audience in the right language.


academy landing page med-el

An integration between Totara, JWPlayer and AWS made it possible to provide an integrated secure video streaming solution according to latest digital standards while delivering a great end user experience to each customer, partner, or employee around the world.

The MED-EL Academy focuses on providing content and training opportunities such as courses, seminars and live webinars while using activities like quizzes, feedback, and customized certificates fitting the corporate identity as well as the different audiences.


MED-EL Spanish dashboard
The Results

MED-EL, a world leader in its field, aimed to provide the best training and educational offers in their industry combined with a flexible and personalized system. Choosing Totara Learn with its open-source nature helped achieve their goal:

  • Integrated the Totara system as part of a company-wide identity management and single sign on process, fully customized design, according to MED-EL’s corporate identity, with a dedicated landing page.
  • Secure, scalable content delivery of both e-learning modules and videos (through JWPlayer integration).
  • Seminars and live webinar management, including an upcoming events dashboard with calendar.
  • Management of various audiences, for external and internal users, ensuring content visibilities and access to materials and trainings that users need as individuals.
  • Multiple language versions of the content and using Totara’s multi-language options provide the end users with a seamless user experience.
  • Integrated user support with User Tours available for the core pages of the platform.
  • Constantly evolving and adapting Totara to each group of users through personalized dashboards, and target group specific programs with a big focus on the content quality and system-wide consistency.
  • Using Totara’s report and integrated feedback possibilities for analysis and development of further trainings and materials.
  • Low level of core code adaptations, providing the best possibility for constant updates of the system, delivering more security and the newest Totara features.


“It truly is an excellent study aid for learning about audiology and MED-EL’s hearing solutions. And with the new, straightforward design, it‘s much easier now to find the required learning materials faster.”
– Patrick Haas, Advanced Product Manager, MED-EL


“I want to tell you I’d been seeing the new Academy and it is a very positive change that has been made. The interface is much more pleasant and fluid, which also allows you to navigate more easily. It is important to highlight how easy it is to find LATAM webinars, simply entering the search engine and setting the Spanish filter. It will help us a lot when it comes to mentioning it to professionals who are looking for recordings on the platform. Another point I really like is the learning record, it seems to me a section that contributes a lot to the personal monitoring of the use of the platform. ”
– Juan Pablo Esteva, Communication & Marketing Director, MED-EL Latin America


“It truly is an excellent study aid for learning about audiology and MED-EL’s hearing solutions. And with the new, straightforward design, it is much easier now to find the required learning materials faster.”
– Patrick Haas, Advanced Product Manager, MED-EL

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