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Totara Awards             

The Totara Awards are back for 2023!

There is no greater recognition of your hard work and commitment to open, flexible learning technology than winning one of our prestigious awards.

Best Project Awards

The Project Awards recognize a successful implementation of the Totara platform, alignment with your learning goals, and a measurable and positive impact on your organizational performance, using data to support this.

Global Partner of the Year

The coveted Global Partner of the Year award goes to the partner who’s recognized for their outstanding contribution to our core platform, their achievements and growth throughout the year.

Top Seller Awards

The Top Seller Awards recognize the Totara Partners who have achieved sales success in terms of net new subscribers and revenue between January 1, 2022 and 31 March, 2023 in their respective region.


The Totara Awards celebrate our top customers and partners each year, highlighting their collaborative spirit and impressive contribution to the learning tech industry. What better way to showcase the results of your learning efforts than to honor your work with a prestigious award?

In 2023, the Totara Project Awards features nine categories:

  • Most engaging learning experience

  • Most innovative use of Totara

  • Best compliance experience

  • Best employee development project

  • Most impactful project

  • Most improved platform

  • Best onboarding experience

  • Best extended enterprise solution

  • Best use of blended learning


The Totara Partner Awards includes seven categories:

  • Top Seller Award – APAC

  • Top Seller Award – Europe

  • Top Seller Award – LATAM

  • Top Seller Award – North America

  • Top Seller Award – UK

  • Best Internal Use of the Talent Experience Platform

  • Global Partner of the Year Award


All entries for the Totara Awards will be judged on their innovativeness, business impact and fulfilment of a market need. We are looking for customer stories that demonstrate how Totara has helped you achieve fantastic results. This includes the impact on the customer’s organization, highlighting elements such as innovation, impact on learners and overall benefits including return on investment. We welcome submissions from all regions globally.

How to Apply

It’s really easy to enter. Just choose your categories, complete our awards entry form and send it to All entries for the Totara Awards will be judged on their innovativeness, business impact and fulfilment of a market need by a highly qualified jury. You have until Friday, 31st March 2023 to submit your stories for the Totara Project Awards. The winners will be announced in May 2023.

What does winning an award mean?

Winners of the Totara Awards receive a range of benefits, including:

  • A trophy carved from genuine reclaimed Totara wood, made in Wellington, New Zealand

  • Increased PR exposure across both Totara and external media channels

  • An award badge

  • An invitation to present your story in a Totara Community webinar

  • The opportunity to present your story at online or in-person events

  • A PR kit containing everything you need to promote your win

  • The opportunity to submit your story for external awards (i.e. the Brandon Hall Awards) in collaboration with Totara

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“The Totara Awards showcases how our customers and partners are leveraging the power and versatility of Totara software to innovate and tailor their learning experiences and performance management processes to their specific needs. The depth and breadth of these projects is truly astounding and inspiring for the Totara team.”
Mark Ash,
CEO, Totara
  • Submissions must be received by 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) on Friday, March 31st 2023.

  • All award applications must be associated with an active Totara v13+ subscription.

  • Submissions need to have clear results, show how the technology supports your business goals and highlight the business impact.

  • Submissions need to have approval for publication on the Totara site

  • Each submission needs to include screenshots of the platform, company logo and a short quote.

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