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How healthcare tackled COVID-19 with learning

As the worst public health crisis in living memory, the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the world overnight – including the world of work, and especially for those in the healthcare sector.

Hospitals and healthcare services found themselves stretched to breaking point with no clear sense of direction and no light at the end of the tunnel. Overstretched, underfunded, overworked. Healthcare workers struggled with burnout, hospital wards hit capacity and everyone was doing their best at a time when everything was changing every day.

But not all healthcare organizations took the same approach to battling COVID-19. Organizations armed with flexible tools and technology were able to adapt and upskill their people at speed, helping them win the war against coronavirus.

In this guide, we will celebrate the achievements of just some of the healthcare organizations who tackled COVID-19 effectively. We will cover:

  • The key challenges COVID-19 posed for healthcare systems and professionals worldwide
  • Seven examples of healthcare organizations rapidly implementing or adapting their learning programs to equip workers with the skills and knowledge they needed
  • The lessons the healthcare industry can learn from these unprecedented times


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