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Think Learning

As one of the top Totara Alliance Platinum Partners worldwide, Think Learning specializes in supporting (and developing) Totara for clients in a range of complex environments:

  • Our in-house technical team have significantly extended the standard Totara Learn platform to solve problems and improve user experience, earning great feedback from Digital Learning and Talent teams. And we provide fantastic value for money in all contracts, with our system upgrades given free to our clients as part of our standard maintenance package.
  • We’re experts in solving the challenges of targeting and tracking compliance training in regulated environments. Our Totara codebase actively helps clients to reduce the burden of compliance training and reporting.
  • We have extensive experience integrating eCommerce features in Totara – for any size of organization, sector and budget.
  • Performance, talent, 360 and appraisals are a continuously growing area of development, as we build on Totara Learn TXP and Totara Perform. Career development, talent and staff retention are high on the agenda for all our customers.
  • Think Learning works closely with Professional and Membership bodies to manage large resource catalogues, online events, and integration with CRM systems.

We combine this track record with a real passion for user experience and with each major release we enhance Totara’s user interface to make it more user-friendly (and device-friendly) for learners, customers and administrators.

Along with our awards for Best Healthcare Sector and Best Finance Sector awards, we were awarded the Best Use of Totara to ensure Compliance award and Best Healthcare Implementation 2019 based on case studies and feedback from existing clients. In 2020, we were proud to be named ‘Totara Top Seller EMEA 2020’.

Our work in healthcare, where detailed, accurate tracking and reporting is critical to patient care, has resulted in significantly increased training compliance. Think Learning are now the largest supplier of Totara to the NHS in England, with 26% of NHS staff having access to education via our Totara LMS sites. Public sector procurement continues to be easy for our customers through our G-Cloud framework listing.

This experience has led us to support organizations in Central Government, legal, construction and financial sectors where there is an increasing emphasis on regulatory compliance and bespoke educational requirements.

We’re delighted with the innovative solutions we have created in partnership with our group of forward-thinking clients, to meet the everyday challenges their teams face and proud to be a Totara Alliance Platinum Partner. Our values are key to how we work and also promises that we make to you.

We’re responsive – You’re not just buying a product, you’re investing in people who care just as much as you about your learners and your organization.

We’re collaborative – We collaborate and build communities of like-minded people who care deeply about safer, better places to work, and about learning organizations.

We’re solutions focused – We deliver practical solutions that meet your learning management requirements and solve real problems.

Partner story – Think Learning drives up compliance with Totara Learn

Think Learning empower organisations to create safer and better places to work through the implementation of Totara Learn, our fully featured open source learning management system (LMS).

We spoke to CEO Shaun Wilde on why they chose to become a Totara Partner and how they became experts in solving training challenges in regulated environments.

Why did you become a Totara Partner?

Think started in 2004 and through to 2012 we supplied a national staff development system for the Department of Health covering the whole of the NHS. When that contract came to a natural end we could see Totara was an innovative platform and were impressed by how it was disrupting the learning technology market. Totara has the functionality needed to meet the demanding needs of regulated sectors which include health, social care, banking and law. Being open source, it enabled us to develop the code base with a special focus on these markets.

How did you know it was the right time to become a Totara Partner?

A national learning management system was launched by the Department of Health and we knew from the feedback it simply didn’t engage learners or keep pace with changing demands from the user base whereas Totara has an intuitive user interface and continually develops. Other systems, such as Moodle, had not developed sufficiently to support large-scale corporate organisations or were proprietary in nature which couldn’t easily be developed. We also need to cater for smaller law firms and investment banks, so Totara was a natural choice.

Why do you like working with Totara?

Think very much enjoy the working relationship with Totara because it’s a real partnership. We have the chance to contribute and discuss product development directly with Totara, we feel part of the process. Our clients have a wide range of LMS and workforce system requirements that Totara help us to meet year-on-year and customers have access to the excellent Totara Community, Academy and forums to share knowledge and develop their own skills.

What does being a Totara Partner entail?

Being a Totara Partner enables Think to live and deliver our values in being collaborative and responsive with our clients, and we know that customers have a lot of choice and can move partners if they are not happy. But it’s not a passive relationship – to get the most from Totara as a partner you need to engage, support and listen to your clients then feed back into the development of products.


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