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Digital Learning

Digital Learning (DL) is a consulting firm with more than 21 years of exclusive dedication to organisational and corporate learning using technological tools.

In 1999, DL already had their first LMS, with their first courses and a good number of customers within the most important and largest companies in the country.

Over the years, they have been investing in products such as their course catalog and technological management platforms, which are widely used by more than 100 companies annually.

DL have also supported their clients with support services, outsourcing roles and activities that allow them to focus on internal problems. More than a company, DL is a group of dreamers, who seek excellence by wanting to impact on the results for their client companies and at the same time achieve the development of the people who work there.

Today, with more than 21 years of history, DL are happy to have achieved much of their dream, and want to continue contributing creativity, technology, methodologies, and their experience to the Totara Community and to each of their customers.

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Prepare your people for tomorrow, today.