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At Deloitte we create user-centric learning experiences for our clients through high-quality instructional design, digitally-enabled using different learning technology tools and with a clear aim to measure impact on employees and the client’s business.

A shift is going on towards dynamic, self-directed, continuous learning opportunities in the workspace, which has changed the face of ‘Learning & Development’ in the corporate world.  As a team, we support clients by transforming and optimizing their learning organization.

We pursue alignment of the learning strategy to the business strategy and create leading-edge learning programs based on continuous learning. To enable a great learning experience, we develop high-end learning materials supported by state-of-the-art learning technology.

Within Learning Solutions, we are convinced that the experience with the medium is as important as the message. Our technology solutions enable learning in the most ideal conditions and connect employees with coaches, peers and experts, empowering them to control their professional and personal development.

Our Totara Learn implementation experience includes integrations with other HR applications, inspiring UX designs, learning analytics, e-commerce functionalities and much more.

Partner story – Deloitte Supports Learning Through Totara’s Technology

With over 250 dedicated learning professionals in Americas, EMEA, and APAC, Deloitte has a truly global presence.

Deloitte creates user-centric learning experiences for their Totara users through high quality instructional design, digitally enabled using different learning technology tools and with a clear aim to measure impact on employees and the client’s business.


What do you consider to be the key benefits of Totara?

“Totara is very user friendly, and it has evolved significantly over time. We almost didn’t do any training for end users, it was very intuitive and offered a great user experience. If you go with a standard Totara out-of-the-box, you can get to production in just a couple of days. At the same time it provides significant flexibility. If needed, you can build add-ons and plugins that allow you to enrich it functionally and make it very comparable to big suites.”


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