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Chambury Learning

We promise to continually develop our services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

​Chambury Learning commits to providing a professional, customer-focused, single point of contact for learning management systems advice and support, ultimately being recognized as an excellent service provider to our customers and preferred supplier to the NHS.

We create an environment in which the customer feels that they can be open and transparent with their enquiry, that they are being listened to, making our customers feel that they are the most important part of the journey.​

We take your requirements of a learning management system and support you into making your vision a reality.

All implementations include: a named Learning Consultant, UK hosting and maintenance, administrative training and deployment to your team. Also included is free access to customer conferences, workshops and focus groups.

Our extensive experience enables us to establish ourselves as a successful partner in your learning management project.

Partner story – Chambury Learning Solutions Maximises ROI with Totara Learn

Chambury Learning Solutions understand how technology plays an important part in the management and development of staff ensuring the maximum return on investment and providing an individual service at a cost-effective price.

Here’s what they think about partnering with Totara.

What does being a Totara Partner mean to you?

We love Totara; there is a great sense of community across Totara users, meaning that support is at our and our customer’s fingertips. With it’s open source foundation it allows us to develop on the core, introducing functionality that our customers need easily, simply and efficiently allowing the system to grow to continually meet their needs.

We have more say in the development of the system, but can leave the technical development of the core code in their developers capable hands.

Being part of the worldwide Totara community, supporting thousands of users in their learning and development, gives us the pride that we are helping our customers reach their goals and grow to support their staff and audit needs.

What are the main benefits of Totara?

It’s Flexibility; we can ‘bend’ Totara to meet our customer needs. Its open source and our developers can manipulate the code to make it truly reflect local needs.

It’s Highly Configurable; there are so many configuration options we can make the LMS work exactly as our customers want staying within core functionality.

It’s identity; the LMS can be made to look exactly like the customers website, reflect local branding and truly enable their staff to not raise they are in another system. This makes user engagement so much higher and easier.

It’s integration capabilities; linking to other internal systems providing single authentication from any device anywhere. Linking to HR systems to update user data and management hierarchies as often as required. We can also send data to external systems.

It’s online course building tools; you don’t need fancy expensive authoring tools, Totara’s core activity builder allows you to create interactive attractive content easily without any authoring experience. Yes you can upload or link to SCORM objects, but its not always necessary.

It’s cost effective; our customers don’t like huge invoices that they would get with proprietary systems. It fits with public sector budgets.

It works on any device. Anywhere.

It’s support; even though it’s open source there is a fully dedicated development team and technical support meaning that if – and I say ‘if’ – we get any issues, they are fixed, tested and released very quick. We get bug, security and new feature patches every month and a major upgrade with new functionality every year.

Where is your main focus with Totara?

With our background in Healthcare, Fire & Rescue Service and Education, we focus on Learning & Development in the public sector, in private Healthcare and Adult Learning environments. Our key customer is the NHS, along with high profile organisations including the health division of the Virgin Group Ltd.

Has your partnership helped with your sales?

Totara help us with marketing and events, bringing more enquiries to us meaning we have a marketing partner along with great advice and support. Our internal advertising is backed up by regular updates on the Totara social media feeds meaning that our messages get to more [potential] customers more frequently.

What is the key thing you’ve learned since becoming a Totara Partner?

Learning Management. Solved.

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