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Anders Pink

Curate fresh content from the web to power your Totara Talent Experience Platform

It shouldn’t be so hard to find, organize and deliver the best web content for your learners within your Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP).

  • Would you value an integrated solution that does the heavy lifting, automatically adding content to your discussions and libraries within Totara Engage so you and your learners don’t have to?
  • Do you need targeted freemium content within your TXP to reduce costs, engage employees and know that you’re delivering a world-class learning experience?
  • Do you need to fuel collaboration and informal learning for teams, departments and projects with the latest content from the web?
  • Do you need to drive traffic and engagement to your workspaces within Totara Engage with fresh curated content?
  • Do you need to bring your learner dashboard to life with targeted content in Totara Learn?

Anders Pink is a scalable, AI-powered content curation tool for Totara’s TXP, consistently delivering the latest content on fast-moving topics right into the flow of work.

With the Anders Pink plug-in for both Totara Learn and Totara Engage, delivering the best web content for your learners will never feel hard again.

AI-powered content curation

Drive engagement within your Totara Engage workspaces:

  • Anders Pink provides the latest and most relevant content directly into Totara’s TXP every day, keeping learners up to date
  • Control the sites and sources content comes from and enable learners to access the latest information
  • With tailored briefings related to the topics in the learning library and workspaces, you can encourage learners to investigate deeper as new information and content is added
Let Anders Pink do the heavy lifting on content curation

Automate the process of finding, organizing and delivering the best web content to learners and save educators time and effort.

  • Remove the need for copy-and-paste by delivering new content from the web directly into your Totara TXP
  • Keep courses up to date and relevant with regular content updates as fresh, new content is published on the web
  • Bring this content directly into Totara Learn with no coding needed – the plugin is a standard Totara block, powered by Anders Pink’s API
Deliver content on fast-moving topics into the flow of work
  • Utilize Anders Pink’s skills-based briefings for reskilling and upskilling using the latest thinking and insights
  • As skills, topics and trends emerge and change, it’s easy to keep pace by creating additional briefings on new and relevant content
  • Use Anders Pink’s automatic insights to improve learner retention and keep your learners on top of industry trends and niche sectors
How it works
  1. Discover
    Anders Pink will support you to identify how automated curation best fits within your Totara Talent Experience Platform.
  2. Curate
    Get curating instantly with fresh, customized and ready-to-go content feeds on the skills and topics that matter most.
  3. Launch
    Save time and empower learners to upskill and stay smart.

Get started with Anders Pink today

Book a consultation with the Anders Pink team or your Totara Partner today and discover how this content curation tool for the Totara TXP automates the delivery of curated content from the web.
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Totara Partners: Get in touch to arrange a demo or ask Anders Pink to join a call with your customer. It’s easy to add curation features for your clients in Totara Learn and Totara Engage.