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Create a culture of agility and growth

The technology and media industry are driving innovation in the world of work. This innovation industry demands a more responsive, continuous learning and development model for the organization and its people.

Totara Talent Experience Platform empowers your people to do their best work with a set of uniquely flexible and integrated talent development tools.

Train your people for a fast-moving market
  • Share supportive expertise and foster internal collaboration
  • Assess skill competency and assign additional training
  • Identify skill gaps and create a talent experience to help employees grow
“We are proud of the fact that our team can make a difference in the company, and we feel each day the power that the LMS is providing to the rest of the organization. We are happy to see a part of us in everything, and to have a platform like Totara Learn gives us the power to support our needs and creativity, and makes us desire to do more.”
Luciana Terente,
Senior Training Consultant, Corporater
Adapt for innovation
  • Make sure your workers are equipped with the increasingly complex skills they need to stay ahead
  • Retrain your workers with new, digital, and related skills in a tight talent market
  • Help your people adapt to changing technology and regulations faster than ever before
“The adoption of the new LMS system within a few months by all parties; HR, IT managers & employees alike, amazed us. This proves to us that the Totara provides true value and an intuitive user experience. Learning is critical element in helping the company keep pace in a fast-moving market.”
Nir Tidhar,
Director of Training Development and Learning Technologies, Pelephone
Mitigate risk and stay agile to shifting regulations
  • Deliver compliance training based on role, location, job function, and more
  • Track course completion and skill competency – be audit-ready
  • Ensure compliance across your entire organization and extended enterprise to keep everyone safe
“Totara provided an ideal solution for us, as it was designed to meet the needs of corporates and is a significantly lower cost than proprietary solutions.”
Tom Stammberger,
Director of Education Services, Axeda

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