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Support clinician and organizational health

Ensure the quality care of your healthcare workers, organizations, and patients with a platform that supports the rapidly changing skills needed to adapt to medical advancements and new government regulations. 

Totara provides a flexible solution that can scale learning to all of your hospital staff and medical professionals. Provide better care for everyone with better learning.

 Skills for the future of healthcare
  • Scale specialized medical training to an extended network of hospital and medical professionals
  • Upskill your medical professionals on new health technologies
  • Customize your healthcare training platform to meet the Continuous Medical Education (CME) needs unique to your staff
  • Tailor learning for different audiences by role, location, job function, and more
Combat clinician burnout and staffing shortages
  • Train managers to recognize the signs of burnout and equip them with the skills to combat it
  • Reduce turnover by investing in skills development that encourages career growth and employee satisfaction 
  • Get detailed analytics on employee learning that provide a snapshot of overall engagement within your organization
“Totara is flexible, adaptable, and can scale with us. I’ve worked with all the top 10 learning management systems in the last 19 years and Totara is by far the easiest to work with.”
Elton Machholz,
Manager of Learning & Development, Charles River Laboratories
Protect patients, staff, and hospitals with compliance and data protection
  • Get OSHA, HIPAA, and other regulations, compliant. 
  • Access all the data and reports for medical competency and compliance goals from a central hub without switching between multiple systems
  • Ensure compliance across your entire organization to keep everyone safe
Extended Enterprise Healthcare Training
  • Scale specialized medical training to an extended network of hospital and medical professionals
  • Deliver learning to third-party vendors outside your organization
  • Host live in-person and online training seminars for employees worldwide
“Totara is enabling us to deliver mandatory training compliance in an engaging and user-friendly way that puts staff and their managers in control. This fits really well with the culture we are trying to develop in the Trust.”
Dr. Adrian Whittington,
Director of Education & Training, NHS Foundation Trust

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