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Wassenburg Medical goes digital to streamline staff training worldwide

Wassenburg Medical is a leading company delivering products and solutions for cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes. Since its foundation, Wassenburg Medical has experienced exponential growth. With its head office in the Netherlands, sales offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France and Germany, and an exclusive distribution network in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Africa, the role of Wassenburg Medical in the world market is rapidly expanding.

The Challenge

Wassenburg has experienced exponential international growth. After the staff in the town Dodewaard received initial training on the product portfolio, they also needed training on the product updates. Since it is not possible to have account managers and engineers from all over the world come to Dodewaard all the time, an LMS should offer a solution. In addition, the training department had a lot of administrative work. All information was in a database that not everyone could log in to. As a result, employees could not see their own status. This created a lot of admin requests about where employees stood in their training process. Wassenburg wanted to further digitalize this process and make it accessible to everyone.

“Several organizations came by to show their system and tell us what they could do for us. The Courseware Company came by and inventoried what we wanted and what our wishes were. Out of all the systems Totara Learn looked the most accessible. Totara Learn is an accessible system where you can easily find your way around. And the price was not unimportant either.”

Jorika Wassenburg-Wynants, Global Training Manager at Wassenburg Medical
The Solution

About 200 engineers and account managers in 35 countries now use Totara Learn.

“We use the system for classroom training and to offer online modules. People can register in the LMS for training, open homework, to take exams and receive certificates. In addition to the classroom training, we offer online modules. For example, a module about a technical defect for our engineers. This allows us to keep track of everyone’s development and see who has read it.”



Wassenburg can now develop its own e-learning modules with the help of Articulate 360. This has made the onboarding process for HR much easier. At first, new employees were told on paper which classroom training they had to take. Not everyone came to these introductory sessions, which meant they missed the introductory program. With their new LMS, Wassenburg now easily makes this information available in online modules.

Wassenburg have developed modules for emergency response, product information and are currently working on a module for the introduction of a new CRM system. When colleagues see this, they often comment “Wow, that is beautiful,” and also want it for their department. Wassenburg enjoys the ability to make videos to explain technical matters. To make learning even more accessible, they are currently working on making the online modules also available in French and German.

The Results

“The goal of the arrival of the LMS has certainly been achieved. We are better able to share information with everyone. Before, everything was sent via email with a pdf. With that, you can never know if it’s convenient for someone. With the arrival of the LMS we have more control. Now we no longer have a blind spot about who works for us. This sometimes happened at distribution centers due to staff turnover. Now we can easily control it by asking people with just one click. If you work for us, you have to be certified. We have now certified everyone in the field. That’s really great news.”

The training department has become completely different because of the system, with only positive feedback across the organization. It has made what the training team do visible and it is accessible to everyone. Everyone on the work floor can now log in and have access to all modules and product information.

“With the arrival of the LMS, we have grown from a national player to a global player.”

In short, the objectives of Wassenburg have been amply achieved. The database has been moved to the LMS. In addition, Wassenburg now has the tools to create its own online modules and adapt them to the desired target group.


“From a low score to 100% certified staff thanks to Totara Learn. Really a fantastic outcome. We’ve reached our goal!”

Jorika Wassenburg-Wynants, Global Training Manager at Wassenburg Medical
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