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Trillium Health Resources enjoys a 1,500% increase in course completions since switching to Totara

Targeting specific audiences, tracking their activity and hosting seminars with Totara allows Trillium Health Resources to increase engagement, increase Management accountability and foster face-to-face communication

Trillium Health Resources is a leading specialty care manager (LME/MCO) for individuals with serious substance use, mental illness and intellectual/developmental disabilities in eastern North Carolina.

As an organization that deals with thousands of healthcare providers and hundreds of internal staff, Trillium Health Resources needed a centralized resource to address varying audiences and specific needs across a variety of situations. The “My Learning Campus” site needed the flexibility to register users in a number of different ways, such as guest registration, approved registration and SSO. Since Trillium Health Resources uses a third-party video conferencing application, they knew it would be beneficial to centralize webinar sign-ups into one location and have the ability to send calendar invites. In addition, Trillium wanted the ability to increase management accountability for required staff trainings by giving them the ability to keep track of their staff.

The Solution

Trillium Health Resources opted for a Kineo-designed Totara Learn solution, giving them the ability to define audiences using Totara’s “audience” feature. This enables Trillium to segment its users into different audiences for providers, internal staff, staff managers and testers. With over 300 learning courses, it allows them to show specific content to specific audiences. This helps Trillium protect their internal staff training, programs and resources, such as all-staff meetings and onboarding materials, from other providers in their network.

Multiple ways to register users for the site has also been beneficial for Trillium. They utilize a single sign-on (SSO) or SAML for their staff, but their providers do not. Therefore, having the flexibility for multiple ways to access the site was critical. The less Trillium’s internal employees were required to enter their credentials, the better. This has increased engagement because of the ease of use.

Totara’s seminar feature has enabled Trillium to consolidate their webinar sign-ups into one location. They can now take attendance, get an exact number of sign-ups, email calendar invites and send out reminders. In a busy world, this has helped to simplify the process while staying “top of mind” with their audience members. Totara also gives the recipients the ease and flexibility to change the dates of their registration if needed while notifying their managers or course creators.

Assigning permissions to specific personnel and audiences is a powerful time-saving feature. By leveraging this feature, Trillium is also able to increase management accountability by allowing managers to access and export completion reports for staff-required trainings. They no longer have to reach out to an administrator in order to access that information, which frees up time and responsibility for that individual, allowing them to focus their efforts elsewhere.


The Results

Increased engagement:

The number of courses completed in Trillium’s LMS has risen from 866 course completions in June of 2020, to 14,197 course completions as of October 2021 – over a 1,500% increase. The 866 course completion was a “Day 1” baseline from a previous LMS system that had been in place for a few years, which shows that course engagement has grown enormously since moving over to the Totara platform!

Time saving and easy to use:

By utilizing permissions and rules and easily accessing critical management tools, such as the report feature, Trillium is able to save time and money. Audience segmentation, audience tracking, having an all-in-one system, process automation, ease of editing and the well-documented features all assist Trillium in creating engaging content in less time, so that they can spend this time focusing on their other duties.

 “Helpful to look and see what they have completed or not. I feel more empowered.” – Content Creator, Departmental Manager


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