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Telenet WIGO training reached 86% satisfaction rating on Totara Learn

Telenet is the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium. They provide analogue and digital cable television, fixed and mobile telephone services, primarily to residential customers in Belgium. They also offer services to business customers across Belgium and Luxembourg under its brand Telenet Solutions.

The Challenge

Telenet previously used a Moodle platform, but in 2015, they decided they needed a new LMS to support their evolving business needs, including the fast-changing nature of the content they needed to share with learners every day.

They wanted a solution which would be a relatively easy switch from their current LMS, but which aligned more closely with their organisational requirements.

They needed to create targeted learning for around 6,000 users in 10 different audiences (Dutch and French), which was not possible with Moodle, so they asked their learning partner Deloitte Learning Solutions to suggest a new option.


The Solution

Based on Telenet’s needs, Deloitte Learning Solutions recommended Totara Learn as their new platform. This was because it would be easy to upgrade from Moodle to Totara Learn, as they shared much of the same code, and it had a lot of the features Telenet needed to help them achieve their business goals.

The platform needed to be suitable to enable Telenet to introduce its new WIGO offering to all of its customer-facing advisors. Deloitte Learning Solutions ensured that Totara Learn was set up to make this process really simple in terms of both the IT infrastructure and the integration with the company’s ID directory.

Totara Learn was the ideal platform for Telenet as it allowed them to create personalised content for 10 separate audiences (Dutch and French).

As well as this, each learner was greeted with a personalised dashboard which welcomed them to the LMS by name and with a tailored list of courses for them to take, ensuring the content was relevant for people in each different job role.

The LMS was also customised with Telenet branding to maintain the right look and feel throughout the platform. The system was designed to be easy to navigate, and nothing had to be explained to users prior to using it – they could simply log in and get started.



The platform is also used for onboarding, and all new starters now do their induction training on Totara Learn. This has proved significantly more efficient than Telenet’s previous onboarding approach, and users find it easy to work through the material in a way that suits them.

The LMS supports in a complete way our learning approach. It guides the user in an effective way through the right cocktail of digital and classroom training.

Thanks to Deloitte Learning Solutions’ IT expertise and project management, the implementation process was quick, and the platform was up and running in just three months. In fact, Telenet say that they’ve never had a project go so smoothly before!

The Results

Telenet is delighted with its new LMS by Deloitte Learning Solutions.

The WIGO training reached a satisfaction rating of 86%. The smooth, personalised approach and the simple and clear guidance gave the users an efficient start in discovering the new product.

Since launching the LMS in June 2016, onboarding time has reduced for some skills by 30% because of the new blended approach of the programs. Telenet now focuses on introducing online knowledge training helping them save time, which can then be spent on live skill training.



They have also been impressed with the user friendliness of the system, as well as the flexibility of Totara Learn. In fact, it’s so easy to manage content in Totara Learn that Telenet’s L&D team don’t feel dependent on their IT department, as they can do everything themselves.

A major benefit of being part of the open source Totara ecosystem is that Telenet were able to meet fellow Deloitte Workforce Transformation customer VRT. Telenet took inspiration from VRT’s solution, and decided to adopt some of the fixes they had identified to some shared challenges.

Over the years, Telenet has made significant improvements to make the platform more visually appealing, and they have also met learners’ demand with increased searchability. Deloitte Workforce Transformation has worked with Telenet to provide more ‘snackable’ video content to keep learners engaged, and they have overhauled the platform with a catalogue format and carousels to highlight key content.

Telenet is launching the mobile version of the LMS very soon, and they are confident that their users will love it. Retail employees in particular will benefit from the mobile app, as they don’t have access to desktop computers in their roles, so the mobile version should significantly improve access to training for these users.


“The introduction of the new LMS together with the launch of the WIGO learning course was immense. But thanks to the smooth Totara Learn implementation we managed in 3 months to deliver an amazing learning experience to our employees.” “Totara helps us to introduce the next level of engaging learning content. Snackable short micro learing can be offered on the go, Our LMS is ready for Mobile disclosure.”

Ann Van Brempt, Knowledge & Communication Manager
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