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T-Mobile launched their Totara Learn platform in just three months

T-Mobile is unlimited in everything they do. They break the boundaries in the telecom world with brands such as T-Mobile, Tele2 and Ben. T-Mobile does this with colleagues who dare to take risks, experiment and challenge each other. With their “challenger mindset,” they have a common goal: to give everyone access to the best network in the Netherlands. To achieve this mission, it is necessary to continue to develop both the organization and employees.

The Challenge

T-Mobile previously used the learning platform of its parent organization, which hosted online training courses. This platform was outdated and insufficiently developed. T-Mobile knew that they needed a new LMS with space for, among other things, the support of blended learning programs, the development of learning paths and the establishment of extensive reports – all while allowing employees to move freely within T-Mobile’s learning landscape.

The Solution


T-Mobile had just three months before their previous LMS contract expired. They were under time pressure to transfer to a new LMS to avoid learning coming to a standstill. To achieve this, they divided the implementation into phases:

  1. In phase 1, they focused on the T-Mobile design, whereby the vision and style of the campus continues into Totara Learn, fitting seamlessly into the brand, and ensuring the e-learning courses worked well in the LMS in the first instance.
  2. In phase 2, they focused on further development of elements such as automatic HR import, which was realized alongside their personnel management system. Single sign-on was implemented between systems such as the T-Mobile Campus, T-Mobile app for employees and the Springest learning platform, ensuring everyone can move freely around the T-Mobile learning landscape.

The organization is taking a pragmatic approach and is investigating how Totara Learn can be optimally used for core values such as daring, ownership and collaboration.

  • Daring – T-Mobile’s people continuously challenge themselves and each other to develop further.
  • Ownership – T-Mobile’s people decide what, how and when they learn. In this way, they take responsibility for their own development, that of their team and that of the organization.
  • Collaboration – Where possible, T-Mobile’s people learn from and with each other, and where necessary they fly in inspiration, knowledge and expertise from outside.



“It’s great that we have a clear point of contact during the implementation. We felt the pressure that we had to be live within three months. Our consultant told us clearly about the deadlines and this enabled us to engage the right people. Nice to always have a helping hand from you. A nice clear point of contact in a very nice collaboration!”
– Thijs Stor, Scrum Master HR L&D, T-Mobile

The Results

Within the planned three months, T-Mobile migrated to the Totara Learn LMS. The go-live has been well received by the employees, and everyone is happy with the LMS and the possibilities it has.

They are now looking at how they can expand the LMS further. T-Mobile has had several entrances built, and each target group has its own entrance with a specific offer.

The largest user group is internal employees who have customer contact, such as customer service staff or store employees. Among other things, they follow training courses on T-Mobile’s new products, and employees in the office, for example, follow security training courses.

In addition, T-Mobile’s partners, such as Phonehouse, can log in, to follow T-Mobile-specific training courses.

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