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Schoen Clinic UK delivers powerful compliance training to healthcare workers

Schoen Clinic specializes in providing personalized medicine for a range of mental health and orthopedic conditions. Part of the established German private hospital group, Schoen Clinic UK opened in 2018, and now operates four facilities across the United Kingdom.

The Challenge

Efficient compliance monitoring and reporting was a primary focus for Schoen Clinic. In the past, training was delivered by disparate systems across the organization, and learning records were held locally using spreadsheets, which made it very difficult to get a single view of compliance. With their expansion across the UK, Schoen Clinic required a capable and trusted system which could centralize training for learners and bring disparate compliance tracking tools together, to enable a move towards a single source of truth.

They needed a solution which could:

  • Rapidly deliver training to 500 learners, with the opportunity to add more learners in future
  • Deliver the correct compliance training to each colleague
  • Provide accurate reports to internal and external stakeholders
  • Enable the HR team to quickly get a view on training compliance across the organization
  • Hold accurate records of compliance training for each colleague
The Solution


Schoen Clinic required a learning management system and chose Totara Learn, provided by Totara Partner, Skills for Health. They needed a supplier who could guide them through every step of their project, so they selected Skills for Health due to their experience in implementing learning management systems in healthcare organizations, and because of the ongoing support they could offer.



The LMS, named LearnSpace, was chosen because of its flexibility and its customizable, scalable nature. Some of the key Totara Learn features implemented for this project included:

  • Organization and position hierarchy frameworks
  • HR data Import
  • Dynamic audiences
  • Course catalog
  • Certification assignment
  • Event booking and attendance tracking
  • Team dashboard
  • Ventura theme (Totara 14)


To achieve successful implementation, the Skills for Health team worked closely with Schoen Clinic and assigned them with a dedicated project manager and implementation manager. Weekly project meetings were also set up to ensure the Schoen Clinic team felt supported and reassured throughout the implementation project.


To fulfill Schoen Clinic’s compliance reporting requirements, Skills for Health added a compliance reporting dashboard, which uses certifications to monitor completion of statutory and mandatory training in real-time. This provided Schoen Clinic with visibility of their overall e-learning compliance for statutory and mandatory training for the first time.

“Compliance is non-negotiable for Schoen Clinic and finding a solution that met our reporting needs was critical; the project team planned and implemented with speed and professionalism and the continued support and maintenance is first class.”
– Faye Mell, HR Director, Schoen Clinic UK

The Results

Schoen Clinic are delighted with their new Totara Learn platform by Skills for Health. Both the system and its e-learning have been well received. Some of the key results include:

  • Rapid implementation – there was an eight-week project turnaround, from initiation to implementation
  • Improved learner experience – 500+ learners have an improved learning experience on the new platform as they can now access training all in one place
  • Improved compliance reporting – with the introduction of the compliance reporting dashboard, compliance monitoring has become easier for the Schoen Clinic team and reliance on manual processes has significantly reduced
  • Reduced administration time – automatic learner enrollment has significantly reduced administration time


Most importantly, LearnSpace has provided training efficiencies, meaning staff can spend more time focusing on what they are deeply committed to – providing exceptional patient care.

But this is only just the beginning. To utilize Totara to its full potential, Schoen Clinic will soon be implementing Totara Perform. This will enable them to harness the power of continuous performance management and boost productivity across the organization.

“Having previous experience of working with Skills for Health, we were keen to engage them for our complete overhaul of e-learning for Schoen Clinic. The platform has evolved over the years and provided the solution we needed for our complex workforce.”
– Faye Mell, HR Director, Schoen Clinic UK

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