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The Peter Jones Foundation: The learning platform that combines Totara Learn and Drupal CMS to improve the online experience of students and teachers

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, formerly known as the National Enterprise Academy, was founded by Peter Jones, a successful entrepreneur and star of Dragons’ Den, in 2008.

Set up with the goal to make learning about business a more practical experience, the charity now delivers a world-class enterprise education through their Foundation for Enterprise (FFE).

This success story examines how elearning experts at Webanywhere were able to create a Totara Learn platform with short online lessons (microlearning) for a leading educational establishment offering programs at a number of colleges.

The Challenge

The Peter Jones Foundation were running a national enterprise competition for school children. Their old website made teachers have to carry out the bulk of the work and was offering nothing for their network of Enterprise Academies, who the Peter Jones Foundation provide with specific teaching material too on top of the competition.

The client also wanted to improve the online experience for teachers and students, enabling them to learn more from the process, and to capture their learning from the competition at a deeper level too.

Further to this, the charity is running a number of pilot versions of the competition, and so they needed to be able to segregate those, with different resources and processes for each one.

The Solution

In terms of deepening the learning experience for students, Webanywhere and the Peter Jones Foundation worked together using Totara Learn to create short online lessons (microlearns), which are navigated to seamlessly from the Drupal front end. This enables the charity to direct students to key learning content at certain points of the competition.

Webanywhere developed the complete competition flow, working closely with the client, so that the process is clear and obvious to teachers, and students, about the steps that are involved, and how to move through them. The flow diagram at the top is simple but effective, and gives a helpful sense of timescale.

Plugging in the client’s corporate supporters via the platform was key, and Webanywhere created a bespoke user journey for them, so that they can interact with students but in a way that is managed by staff at all times.

The new design of the platform was very important given the high standards of the Board of Trustees, and Webanywhere worked extremely hard to develop a design that looks fresh, and is also highly responsive. The client has had a huge amount of positive feedback regarding the look of the site, and are always proud to show it off.


The Result

The Peter Jones Foundation has already over 300 schools signed up on the site, but want that figure to grow substantially.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Webanywhere. They communicated clearly throughout the process, worked alongside us to get the journey and design right, and have produced an excellent final product that the whole organisation is proud of.” – Olly Carr, Head of Curriculum, Peter Jones Foundation

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