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National Ambulance UAE improves average exam scores from 75% to 92%

National Ambulance UAE is the leading pre-hospital emergency care provider in the UAE. It was established to serve government and private clients, and commenced operations in 2010. Supported by a dedicated Ambulance Communications Centre, National Ambulance provides round-the-clock services across the UAE.

The Challenge

National Ambulance UAE’s employees put their knowledge to the test on a daily basis to save the lives of the public. They must be able to manage trauma victims, medical cases, paediatric and elderly cases to the best international standards of care, and the best way to deliver the essential training necessary for these roles is via a learning management system for blended learning, face-to-face sessions and self-directed learning.

Their greatest challenge was to have all clinical grades complete their required education competencies in the required licensing period, with renewals every two years. As well as this, they needed to divide the grades to meet the needs of each audience. There are five separate audiences, each of which has its own requirements throughout the two-year licence period. Therefore, they needed an LMS to support delivery of learning content to multiple audiences.


The Solution

National Ambulance UAE chose to work with iLearn to help them deliver an LMS which would enable them to create content targeted at different audiences – Totara Learn.

iLearn got to work setting up the various audiences to enable National Ambulance UAE to provide different learning content to each grade of learners. Each audience was placed in its own bespoke two-year certification pathway. This, along with licensing information available on each learner’s page, allowed users to clearly see which components they still needed to do to ensure their timely completion.



As part of this Totara Learn platform, records and feedback were made available to National Ambulance UAE as a company. The ability to show results and completion percentages and track progress was crucial to help them track knowledge, understanding and any gaps in skills across the entire organisation.

The Results

The results for National Ambulance UAE and iLearn have been excellent. National Ambulance UAE has recently completed a number of high-profile audits for accreditation of the company, and the LMS was key to the analysis of staff files.

Health and safety training compliance is now at a very impressive 98%, thanks to iLearn’s presentation of the e-learning content and the self-directed and blended learning approaches.

As well as this, National Ambulance UAE introduced pre-learning to clinical staff before attending face-to-face courses, and this has resulted in a much higher pass rate for exams, with an increase from 75% to 92% average scores in all aspects of examination. This pre-learning also allowed students and instructors to engage more, as they could attend face-to-face classes with a better understanding of the content.

“Our learning management system has revolutionised our key performance indicators and enhanced our clients’ outcome, which in turn benefits all those we care for both now and in the future.”

Richard Quinlan, Education Manager, National Ambulance UAE

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