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Kia Motors Sweden use Totara Learn to deliver multi-device blended learning

Kia, one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, was established in Sweden in 1997. Today, with more than 100,000 sold cars, Kia is the 6th most-sold brand in Sweden.

Kia Motors Sweden have about 90 dealerships and 110 service centres spread around the country. The company takes care of import, product planning, sales, service, training, management of spare parts, marketing and information about Kia in Sweden.

The Challenge

Kia Motors Sweden provides a vast range of blended learning for various roles such as sales, service advisors, service technicians and management.

However, in the legacy LMS, learners, managers and administrators alike found many tasks challenging. The user experience had room for improvement – staff managers wanted to be able to track the progress of their teams, while administrators were stuck with time-consuming, manual tasks to manage the training.

The Solution

In Totara Learn, Kia Motors Sweden found a LMS that met their challenges. The user experience for all users was vastly improved. Responsive web design means that the LMS may be accessed from any device. Totara Learn’s programme feature means that, for example, technicians now can view the requirements and their development related to their role in a pedagogical way. Managers are in control and can track the progress of their team.

Most of the requirements were fulfilled with Totara Learn’s rich feature set out of the box.

However, one request was to provide blended learning to cohorts, where a learner should be able to sign up to a series of face-to-face events, mixed up with e-learning in between.

Together with Xtractor, this was solved with a custom enrolment plugin, whereby a learner can easily select a cohort and with one click be signed up to all the related events.


The Results


The long-term results are yet to be seen, as the implementation is still very recent.

However, only a few days after the launch date, hundreds of users were able to experience the new LMS. As part of the internal launch, user groups competed in a Totara Learn quiz by answering questions about Kia’s brand values. The results were displayed on the wall in real time.

This way Kia was able to communicate the benefits and user friendliness of their brand new LMS without boring slide decks, instead letting the users experience Totara Learn in a fun and competitive setting.


“We went for Totara Learn since we were searching for a modern LMS with a full feature set and an engaging user experience. With Totara Learn, we’re self-sufficient and in control of our learning management system. At the same time, we can always reach out to our Totara Partner Xtractor when we want to get assistance in taking new steps forward.”

Susan Rosenblad, Training Manager at Kia Motors Sweden
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