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Hans Anders provides anytime, anywhere online courses for more sustainable learning

Hans Anders has a wide range of lenses, glasses and hearing aids in almost 270 locations in the Netherlands. They strive to have good quality eye and hearing care that remains affordable for everyone.

The Challenge

To ensure good quality eye and hearing care, Hans Anders strives for the highest quality retail staff in the entire eyewear and hearing aid market. They want to support every employee to perform his or her job as well as possible. They want to offer a large and sophisticated range of courses and a lot of expert, targeted guidance. To give everyone the opportunity to get better at their profession every day and to make learning easier and more accessible for everyone.

The Solution

Hans Anders uses Totara Learn to create blended learning programs with formal and informal learning activities. Besides, Totara Learn makes hybrid learning possible. Hans Anders began creating e-learnings directly in Totara Learn, using a plugin. Right now, they acquired an authoring tool, to have even more possibilities in creating e-learnings.



With the many possibilities and functionalities of Totara Learn, they try to incorporate those elements that work for their organization. Besides contacting their Totara Learn partner, The Courseware Company, a couple of system administrators and trainers at Hans Anders have followed courses and webinars on the Totara Community. This helped them with discovering the possibilities of Totara Learn.



Usability of an LMS is also important for Hans Anders. They are constantly trying to optimize Totara Learn, for instance by asking their employees’ opinion on the LMS. Using labels, design and gamification elements, online learning becomes more fun and easier for the employees of Hans Anders.

Totara Learn gives Hans Anders the freedom to organize learning in the way that suits their organization and to innovate where they want.


The Results

Employees came from everywhere to the Head Office of Hans Anders to follow face-to-face courses. With Totara they can follow this same course online, anytime, anywhere. For employees, this means less travelling and fewer kilometers in the car (which also good for the environment).

The curriculum was static and theory was recited in the classroom. With Totara, employees can absorb the theory faster and incorporate it into the face-to-face meetings. This has shortened their learning time, without compromising on content and quality.

Totara Learn helps increasing employee involvement and contributes to the learning and growth focus within Hans Anders.

“The Hans Anders College is busier than ever. Corona made the world stand still. But in the Hans Anders College, personal development and learning have accelerated. Because of Totara Learn, but also because of the different courses, programs and learning methods that have been added.” – Micheline Mordang – Talent Development Consultant at Hans Anders

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