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Glovo delivers targeted training to a growing, global workforce

Glovo is an on-demand courier service provider that started in Spain and now operates throughout Europe, LatAm and Africa. Their couriers can pick up and deliver a range of items like pharmaceuticals, groceries or beverages (even forgotten items left at home) through their app. Food delivery is their most popular service, but their unique app has an “anything” button which as the name suggests, allows you to request “anything” you need.

The Challenge: Upskilling the global workforce of a growing business

Active in over 20 countries, Glovo has over 5000 customer service agents spread across 15 different call centers. These agents play a critical operational role because they provide support to key stakeholders such as:

  • The customers who request items
  • The couriers delivering items
  • And restaurant/shop partners

With demand for their app-mediated courier service increasing, and an extended workforce acting as the backbone of stakeholder support, Glovo needed to ensure that their agents received up-to-date training relevant to an agent’s country, region or specific support role.

Unfortunately, their previous Learning Management System (LMS), LearnUpon, was limiting Glovo’s ability to manage and deliver training that would meet the needs of the growing business. The two biggest bottlenecks were:

Reporting discrepancies. The platform built using LearnUpon’s LMS failed to accurately report details such as how many agents completed tests or viewed important documents.

A lack of audience control. Glovo couldn’t target training towards a specific demographic of its blended workforce. A mandatory safety course assigned to couriers, for example, would automatically enroll all their support agents and internal staff, causing turmoil and confusion.

“LearnUpon is a great platform for a start-up, but after a year or so, you need to move on to a capable LMS like Totara Learn.” – Miquel Gomez, Global Training Manager at Glovo

The Solution: A scalable learning platform

To sustain growth, Glovo needed to deliver relevant training to the right audience.

“We were expanding, and we needed to scale our platform.”

Working with Totara Partner Actua Solutions, Glovo researched a range of Learning Management Systems and chose Totara Learn to build an on-brand, independent learning platform called eVolve.



With Totara Learn’s audience management and hierarchy features, Glovo could now create and deliver technical and soft skills training using personalized images, descriptions, course duration dates and more – all tailored to service agents in different regions across the globe.

Each course began by introducing the objectives of the training, and then used an engaging flow of slides, videos and e-learning courses to deliver a rewarding blended learning experience.

Upon completing a course, users were rewarded with certifications and given a “Happy Sheet” to rate and review their training. This helped motivate learners, measure the effectiveness of each course and generated actionable feedback.

The Results: Targeted training for a diverse and dynamic workforce

Totara Learn’s rich audience management, reporting and content management features enabled Glovo to develop an effective training program (across 11 different languages) to onboard and continuously develop a diverse global workforce.

Despite launching amid the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and suffering a few furloughed team members, Glovo’s new learning platform (eVolve) launched in record time and achieved “record-breaking” results.

In less than two months, they:

  • Launched the platform for every country they operated in
  • Successfully created over 800 courses
  • Had more than 8000 questions in their knowledge bank

Glovo’s platform now boasts over 5000 active users and an impressive overall training satisfaction rate of 4.5/5. In the last quarter, they averaged 12 training sessions a month.

In the future, the training team plans to explore social learning and gamification to take employee engagement to the next level.

“I love that with Totara Learn, we can develop the LMS we want. Whenever we ask ‘Is it possible?’ The answer is always ‘yes.’ The support from Actua Solutions is amazing.” – Miquel Gomez, Global Training Manager at Glovo


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