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Generali Insurance slashes the cost of training by upgrading to Totara Learn

Generali Insurance, with nearly one million customers in Hungary and more than 61 million customers worldwide, is one of the leading Western European service providers in the financial and insurance sector. Founded back in 1831, the company has now become a group of companies operating in 50 countries.

Since 2011, Generali Insurance has provided its employees with training opportunities through Moodle. Due to the increased number of employees and the urge to increase automation, Generali needed a system where:

  • Trainings are assigned to learners completely automatically
  • Learners can have access to any training
  • The look and feel of the system is modern, innovative and youthful, yet clean and easy to customize
  • The entire corporate hierarchy and manager-subordinate relationships can be mapped
  • The system can be easily integrated with the existing SAP enterprise resource planning system
  • Provides easy reporting on training completions etc.
The Solution

Generali Insurance voted in favor of implementing Totara Learn with SKOLL Learning Technologies to address these needs. Thanks to the easy upgrade method, all data from the existing Moodle system was also available in the Totara Learn platform.

To connect to the existing ERP system, they programmed a custom-developed web service-based integration, which was an easy-to-implement solution in terms of both time and cost, thanks to Totara being an open source platform. Based on the data received from SAP, the system keeps all the data up to date in the user organizational hierarchy, including the manager-subordinate relations.


We met the reporting needs in several ways. On one hand, with the help of Totara Learn’s built-in report builder, we could easily create different reports for different user needs without any programming intervention. In addition, the existing built-in web service functions of the open source system have been expanded to further facilitate data transfer to external systems.

In addition, Generali has updated the look of Totara with a distinctly modern, mobile-friendly look compared to the previous Moodle design.


The Results
  • Nearly 6,000 users learn from the more than 400 e-learning courses available in the system
  • With the reduction of classroom training, the company was able to achieve significant cost reductions
  • Integration with external systems has reduced administrative requirements and increased data accuracy
  • An attractive, youthful appearance and design has significantly increased the amount of time spent on the learning platform


“Upgrading from Moodle to Totara was a huge step at our organization providing a more suitable learning management platform for our learners and support staff.” – Endre Nagy, IT division leader, Generali Insurance


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