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Budapest-based energy company FŐTÁV improves efficiency of training delivery with LMS platform

Through its 500 kilometre long cable network, FŐTÁV provides heating and hot water energy for the 240,000 homes and 6,000 industrial consumers in the 17 districts of Budapest. The company was founded in 1994 and is completely owned by the Municipality of Budapest, employing 500 staff.

The Challenge

FŐTÁV required a learning management system (LMS) that would:

  • provide effective and easy-to-use tools for their learning and development team to develop educational programmes and materials, and to monitor all training activity
  • reduce the need (and associated costs) to travel between sites for training purposes
  • be a central repository for all training data
  • generate multi-level training plans and reports as required
  • provide a streamlined manager approval process for learner training
  • automatically notify and remind learners about their training and important actions/dates
  • integrate securely with the organisation’s enterprise IT system
  • be able to be hosted securely on a third-party server outside the corporate infrastructure.
The Solution

Following its implementation, Totara Learn is now viewed by FŐTÁV as being the long-term solution for their organisation’s educational needs. While all the requirements for their initial vision were successfully met, FŐTÁV has since increased their utilisation of the system to incorporate other Totara Learn features, such as managing face-to-face classroom training.

The huge amount of existing learning content that was seamlessly migrated into Totara before the system went live is also being continuously built on with significant newly-created content.



FŐTÁV’s entire organisational structure has been mapped in the Totara Learn hierarchy framework. This enables information to be provided on the specific training that any individual staff member requires and the skills they need to be proficient in. By assigning competencies to every position in this way, staff may create their own learning plans within Totara Learn, which are then reviewed and approved by their managers. Automatic access can also be given to any mandatory training required based on role. Automated learner notifications and alerts assist with this process.

Totara’s reporting and viewing functionality has enabled learning and development personnel to effortlessly monitor the status of all training activity and data across all FŐTÁV sites. Totara Learn has also been securely integrated with FŐTÁV’s enterprise IT system. The LMS is securely hosted, as required by the client, on an external third-party server.

This project was a joint vendor implementation: configuration, integration and technical support provided by Veloxnet; and project management, training and content development support provided by Magabiztos.

Staff find Totara Learn very easy to use. Choosing this system was a good solution for our employees.

 – FŐTÁV Site Manager

  • Over 700 employees have successfully completed training on the new LMS, with positive feedback.
  • Over 50 training courses made available to learners.
  • Substantial savings in travel-related training costs with the management of more than 30 face-to-face classroom programmes per year.

Totara Learn helps with our everyday life because we like to learn about important things that we can use in our job, but never enjoyed spending long periods of time travelling in the car to take part in classroom training courses.

 – FŐTÁV Learner

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