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Ferranti empowers learning administrators to delegate tasks for smoother learning processes

Ferranti Computer Systems, headquartered in Antwerp in Belgium, helps organisations improve their business through smart implementation of state-of-the-art technologies. They offer business and IT consultancy, system development and integration, business process outsourcing, IT infrastructure and managed services to help businesses gain a competitive advantage. They have an outstanding reputation in the energy and utilities market, particularly with MECOMS, an integrated meter-to-cash and meter data management solution designed to empower smart utilities.

The Challenge

Ferranti identified a need for a self-service learning solution, enabling people to take control of their own learning rather than being directed by their managers. They knew that they wanted employees to have access to a full set of courses to enable them to improve their soft and technical skills and gain knowledge of their MECOMS product without the help of a trainer, and it was vital that the platform was intuitive enough to get people set up and let them explore and learn at their own pace.

The Solution


Ferranti was previously using a very old version of Totara Learn, but decided that it was time to upgrade to a more 2017-friendly solution. They chose to upgrade to Totara Learn 9 with the help of Deloitte Learning Solutions, who they knew would help them realise their ambition to prioritise innovation and knowledge sharing across the organisation.

In the old, outdated system, learners often got lost and couldn’t find the information they needed. That is why Ferranti wanted the new Totara Learn platform to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible, making it easy for people to go straight to the information they needed.

Learners can sign up for classroom sessions through the LMS, whether this is formal face-to-face training or informal knowledge sharing sessions taking place in-house. This makes the seminar management process much smoother and more efficient, and means that learning doesn’t have to be tracked in a spreadsheet. Instead, people can just find the course they want to take and register directly through the LMS, reducing administration work.



Ferranti uses the Talmundo solution for the initial six-week onboarding process, after which point the employees move over to the Totara Learn platform. On the Totara platform, employees follow different learning programmes based on their roles, which helps them stay on track with their career progression and access relevant material.

Deloitte helped Ferranti significantly improve the branding across the platform, bringing it in line with the look and feel of the rest of the brand. In fact, learners often comment on the fact that they didn’t realise they were leaving the website and accessing the LMS as the branding is so seamless.

The Results

Ferranti is delighted with its new Totara Learn platform. They are particularly happy with the great user experience, including how easy it is to navigate around the LMS and the addition of single sign-on, and the fact that they have significantly reduced their admin work. Trainers can now upload their own courses, making it easier for learning admins to delegate work and focus their time on more important activities.

Since upgrading to Totara Learn 9 in September 2017, there are now 370 active users of the platform, and Ferranti is looking to add a further 60-100 in the near future by enabling the platform for partners & customers. The new LMS is already helping Ferranti achieve their vision on building and sharing knowledge across the company, and with future improvements planned, including integration with other HR systems, Totara Learn is a vital component of their development strategy.

“Deloitte were highly responsive throughout the process. They understand exactly what they are implementing, and their knowledge of Totara is very good. We work with them to look at solutions together, and they have been very supportive from start to finish.” – Eva Van Raes, Knowledge Sharing Manager, Ferranti

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