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Auping increases active LMS users by over 160% with Totara Learn

For more than 130 years, Auping has been designing the very best beds, mattresses and ways of resting. Auping has 582 stores and franchises in over 25 countries around the world. A well-rested world, is a better world. A beautiful world.

The Challenge

Every single Auping bed is made with care and attention to details, the environment and the future. Auping wants every single customer to have the ultimate Auping experience. Auping advisors need to radiate enthusiasm about the brand and product. They need the skills and knowhow to combine product knowledge with professional ergonomic advice and communication skills. Having a well-functioning, multilingual, attractive and user-friendly learning platform is key to empowering nearly 600 stores and franchises.

In order to make the online training courses more attractive, interesting and interactive and to efficiently keep track of participation in both online and offline training courses, Auping Academy implemented Totara Learn.

With the end of their contract with their previous LMS fast approaching, Auping’s new LMS implementation needed to be completed quickly.

The Solution


The versatile Totara Learn LMS met all of Auping’s wishes, including facilitating blended learning and offering a flexible, easy-to-use learning platform.

Due to the deadline, the implementation was done on a tight schedule. Close cooperation between Auping and their Totara Partner The Courseware Company and a decisive, proactive attitude from both parties made it possible to go live in only five weeks with a completely renovated and fully equipped LMS.

During the implementation stage, a custom theme was created to match Auping’s corporate branding. Thanks to the Auping’s visually appealing imagery, the LMS theme instantly looked very attractive. The front page, menu and catalog were kept simple and clean so users would easily find their way through Auping Academy. In the catalog, labels were used to show the time needed to complete a course. Totara Learn’s featured course functionality is used to highlight new content, and together with the labels used as filters, people can easily find the right course quickly.



The Auping Academy is taking more and more advantage of the environment. Starting off in one language, they now have multiple languages on offer.

Their most recent development is a beautiful knowledge base, created using the dashboard functionality in combination with carefully built audiences. It provides audiences with the right information at the right time, creating a more tailored experience.

A special dashboard was created for account managers with information about the training on offer and reports on the activity of users in their area. There is a dashboard for dealers with useful hand-outs and links to manuals, fact sheets, Q&As and other useful documents.


The Results

Auping started small by rolling out the LMS in a selection of their stores. In the time after go live, Auping Academy kept growing. The amount of active users has since grown from 615 to 1,600 in three years, and already 300 of the nearly 600 stores and franchises are now actively using the platform.

There are 65 product-specific courses and 7,067 course completions to date, showing the value of the platform across the organization.

In addition, it took Auping just five weeks from kick-off to go-live, which ensured that Auping met their tight schedule for their new LMS requirement.

In Q2 2022, the platform will be upgraded and receive a makeover to make the platform even more up to date, user friendly and in line with the new Auping website.

“I think it is a plus that the platform is very intuitive. The functionalities in the system are very well thought out. At the same time, there is room for creativity to use certain functionalities creatively and efficiently.”
– Suheda Simsek, Training Coordinator, Auping

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