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Artsana Portugal improves efficiency of training delivery with a scalable LMS

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The Challenge

In 2018, Artsana Portugal identified a need for a new way to manage learning on account of their growing scale and learning requirements.

Artsana Portugal needed a learning platform that would be suitable for their learning management needs. They needed to be able to manage previous training and ongoing seminars and courses, as well as comprehensive compliance training required by various regulatory entities. Around 500 employees in Portugal would need access to the LMS.

The Solution

Artsana Portugal chose to work with Totara Partner EDUdigital to create a Totara Learn platform that would grow with their needs over time.

EDUdigital designed the LMS to support the development of employees’ skills. The setup of the platform focuses on monitoring and managing training courses and managing the number of training hours.

EDUdigital supported the installation and configuration of the Totara platform on Artsana Portugal server.



The platform has been designed to support Artsana Portugal blended learning strategy, comprising online learning. These factor into each employee’s learning plan, and EDUdigital also made use of Totara Learn’s audiences’ functionality to allow Artsana Portugal to organize its employees by roles, tasks and departments for easier learner management, along with the hierarchy’s functionality to reflect Artsana Portugal organizational structure.

Totara Learn has also enabled Artsana Portugal to create their own online content and import resources from external sources, such as quizzes, wikis, books, glossaries, forums, assessments and videos. Engagement with all courses and resources is then monitored using Totara Learn’s reporting functionality, showing utilization rates, progress and achievement levels for employees and teams.

The Totara Learn platform was fully customized to Artsana Portugal requirements, including full Artsana Portugal branding and a customized landing page. This ensured that the platform remained consistent with Artsana Portugal overall look and feel and gave a sense of cohesion with the rest of their digital presence.

All Artsana Portugal employees have access to the Totara Learn platform from their internal networks, ensuring that sensitive information is not visible to the outside world.


The Results

Artsana Portugal now has a rich platform of tools that allows them to manage all the organisation’s learning and performance activities efficiently, not just now, but also into the future.

While this is still a very new platform, it is clear that Totara better meets Artsana Portugal’s learning requirements than their previous solution.

Artsana Portugal now has an efficient way to manage learning activities and Totara Learn provided the perfect flexible base to reflect Artsana Portugal organisational structure and teams.

Artsana Portugal can also use their new sophisticated performance appraisal system to capture, evaluate and facilitate formal and informal dialogue on employee performance, reading a single cohesive platform for all learning and performance needs.

EDUdigital continues to support Artsana Portugal, and both parties are delighted with the success of both the platform and the overall partnership.

The Totara platform allowed Artsana Portugal to increase its efficiency and results in both internal and external training. Centralization in the Totara platform of management, control and access to the training process together with the use of blended learning was fundamental to update the available processes and resources.”

Aurelio Vieira, Technical Director, Artsana Portugal
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