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Ensure your learning and performance content reaches the right people

Everyone in your organization should be treated as an individual. Using audiences, your administrators can provide a tailored experience to each user.

Dynamic groups

Easily place users into audience groups, maintaining access to key learning content and workspaces with different competencies and performance activities

Visibility rules

Ensure information only goes to those who need it using audience-based visibility rules for learning content, dashboard blocks and more

Audiences in a nutshell

See it explained in this video from the Community

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Totara makes admin simpler, without compromise

Personalized experiences

Use existing HR information (such as location, position, start date) to automate learning and performance activities for each person

Stay up to date

Dynamic audiences change with your organization. You choose the rules and Totara adds and removes users automatically

Bulk actions by audience

Assign or provide access to courses, programs, certifications, competencies, performance activities, workspaces, dashboards and more

Regulated environment?

Be confident you can demonstrate to your regulator that you have the right people with the right skills

Audience-based reporting

Filter reports by audience to get a snapshot of the data for individual groups of users

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“Dynamic audiences in Totara are a powerful feature. You can shape them in really intelligent ways, building groups automatically rather than having to manually add individuals. It’ll make your life easier, but also give really fine grained control, so you know the right people are doing the right things.”
Daniel Bond,
Learning and Development Systems Manager, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
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