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5 reasons to join the Totara Community

You may have spotted that we’ve been working away behind the scenes this year to improve the Totara Community. Our Totara Community team have been busy creating loads of new free content, launching webinars and hopping into the forums to ensure that we’re constantly improving our offering. Thousands of you have already signed up, but if you haven’t yet, here are five reasons to join the Totara Community.

1. Connect with like-minded learning professionals

There are already thousands of learning professionals in the Totara Community who are sharing knowledge, best practice and their learning technologies success stories every single day, and there’s always room for more. The Totara Community welcomes subscribers and non-subscribers alike, giving you a dedicated space to connect with and talk to others in the industry so you can share your challenges and learn from others who may hold the answers to your learning questions. Our Totara Community staff members will be onsite at DevLearn 2018 at the Totara Village – swing by and make sure to sign up and learn more about the advantages of joining the community. 

2. Learn about Totara products and functionality in the Totara Academy

Whether you’re just getting started on your Totara journey or you’re looking to pick up some advanced skills and insider tips, there’s a course for you in the Totara Academy. Our courses cover topics such as seminar management, theming and learning plans to help users of all levels brush up on their skills. Courses include demonstration videos, system simulations and best practice advice from the Totara team to help you get the most out of Totara’s functionality. All of our Totara courses are completely free, and you can achieve certifications and Open Badges to reward you for your new skills.

3. Grow in your role with Skills Journey

If you’ve been bitten by the learning bug, there’s even more to explore with Skills Journey. Develop your own skills as a learning professional in areas like interacting with stakeholders, learners and the media, with topics such as visual design, evaluating success and facilitating group learning experiences to help you boost your CV and improve performance in your role. This is about you and your personal development, and it will give you the skills you need to thrive and stand out from the crowd in your ongoing career.

4. Suggest new features and have your say

Got a great idea for a new Totara feature? Or want to offer feedback about the current product? In the Totara Community, we love hearing what you’re thinking, which is why we’ve created forums inviting you to tell us what you want to see in future releases. Or if you spot a good idea from someone else, feel free to jump in and offer your support or build on their ideas. It’s all useful feedback for us to create the features you need.

5. Be the first to know about upcoming news and events

We often announce our new events, webinars and resources in the Totara Community first, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, this is the place to be. You’ll get access to our product feature and best practice webinar series, as well as being among the first to register for any new events we announce to ensure you can secure your spot before anyone else.

Ready to join thousands of learning professionals? Get started right here. We can’t wait to see you in the Totara Community!

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