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Schönherr delivers multi-device compliance training to internal staff with a fully customised, award-winning Totara LMS

Schönherr is a leading full-service law firm in Central Europe with headquarters in Austria. More than 300 professionals provide legal services to national and international clients from offices in Belgrade, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Prague, Sofia, Vienna, Warsaw and Zagreb.

The Challenge

Schönherr’s lawyers work with big international clients and corporations, and train subject matter experts as well as general staff regarding compliance and cartel rights. Particularly when taking into account large client audiences, Schönherr wanted their lawyers to have more leverage and to avoid being tied up in face-to-face training.


The Solution

Schönherr decided to work with Totara Partner LearnChamp to help create a compliance solution to deliver their new online learning programme. Totara Learn was chosen as the learning platform to support this project. LearnChamp was responsible for setting up and configuring Totara Learn, as well as e-learning content production, while Schönherr as the subject matter experts provided the content for the courses, which are about cartel rights.

To make the compliance suite available on all common devices, including tablets and smartphones, LearnChamp developed a custom responsive theme for Totara Learn and created the e-learning content with the Adapt authoring framework.



This implementation of Totara Learn is set up as a support portal, with quizzes and questions to enable learners to test their knowledge. They can also access case studies, and learners are able to contact Schönherr for more information. Content can be differentiated for different audiences, ensuring everyone from managers to front-desk reception employees sees the most relevant content.



For this solution, Totara Learn is entirely Schönherr branded, though companies have the possibility to customise the platform with their own branding. Companies are also able to enhance the platform beyond the look-and-feel by adding videos of their CEOs talking about why the content matters to increase engagement, and they can include case studies from their own industries to make the training more relevant, for example.



One of the great things about this platform is the way it works with the content: learners do not realise when they are in either the LMS platform or in the responsive Adapt e-learning course, creating a seamlessly integrated user experience to keep the learning feeling consistent and cohesive. This is one of the reasons LearnChamp likes working with Totara LMS – it is different to other SaaS or cloud platforms because it is so customisable, and the code can easily be edited to maintain the look and feel across the entire solution.

This solution is currently available in English, but there will be an opportunity to use Totara Learn’s language packs and to translate the content into German in the future, making it the ideal solution for Schönherr, who work across Central and Eastern Europe and in many languages.

The Results

Following a successful prototype, this programme was launched in April 2016, with a marketing campaign to follow. This compliance solution has already won an eLearning Journal Award in the category ‘Microlearning’, and it is already being sold to other businesses, showing how Totara Learn can be used to create B2B products for sale.

The solution was first presented to the public at LEARNTEC 2016, a learning conference in Germany, where it was very well received. People particularly liked the multi-device, responsive design for both the LMS and the Adapt e-learning content.

We are looking forward to hearing about further results from LearnChamp and Schönherr, and will update this case study when we have more data.


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