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Region Zealand uses Totara Learn to introduce a new EPJ system to 13,000 healthcare professionals

Region Sjælland is one of five regions in Denmark. It is a 14-hospital public health system serving a population of almost one million and includes more than 40,000 healthcare professionals.

The Challenge

Region Zealand bought a new EPJ system from EPIC, which has high standards in regards to training their healthcare professionals before the region is allowed to start using the system. Region Zealand decided to buy a new LMS to support their current education and training set-up and to overcome the required high training standards and timeline before the new EPJ goes live.

Dossier Solutions won the tender and started to build a platform that could support Region Zealand as they tackled this challenge. This was an ambitious project, encompassing:

  • 13,400 healthcare professionals
  • 2,258 mix of certified teacher, super users and external super users
  • 21,700 sign-ups for competency plans (Dossier CRMS)
  • 88,000 sign-ups for different courses (seminars and elearning)
  • 328,038 educational hours in total
  • 44,329 educational days in total
  • 245 educational tracks (FTE)

Furthermore, it is expected that 50% of the employees signed up for courses will need to get rebooked on at least one seminar event. Rebooking is complex due to a very strict order of courses and tight schedule for education to be completed.

The Solution

The challenge includes a major educational task, where every employee will get assigned to a training plan that matches their work role, their physical workplace and their work schedule. Furthermore, the administration must ensure that the healthcare professionals, teachers and mix of super users are assigned to be in the right place at the right time.

To meet the challenge the platform solution consisted of Totara Learn and Dossier CRMS (Competence Requirements Management System). Furthermore, in collaboration with Xtractor, Dossier Solutions developed a new functionality named Rebooking Interface to meet the complex logistical requirements.



Rebooking can be done directly in the LMS interface by admins and managers. The solution handles course sequences/dependencies and solves potential booking conflicts.



All training and courses are organised as Dossier competency requirements in competency plans integrated with Totara programs. The learning analytics monitors progress and compliance due to given competence requirements.

Furthermore, due to the tight timeline and last-minute changes for bookings, healthcare professionals and teacher needed to get information about rebooking or cancellation on their phone. To meet this challenge, a new functionality for supporting and delivering SMS services was developed.

The Results

“The solution has increased the quality and efficiency of the administration of the major education task related to the Sundhedsplatformen (‘Healthcare Platform’, EPJ system). We have had a big win in following up and tracking the education pace down on employee level and in a helicopter perspective.” – Ann Maria Kromann Halse, Head of Education, HR Concern at Region Zealand

Region Zealand is very happy with this solution, which met its requirements with a series of clever customisations to enhance the core Totara Learn platform.

All scheduled learning was completed on time, and to date, around 300,000 courses have been completed, along with 80,000 seminar events, 259,000 e-learning courses and 25,000 programmes. This demonstrates that the platform is already being used comprehensively across the organisation for more efficient, engaging learning.

“The rebooking functionality has helped us handle the otherwise complex training task and tight deadline. We had feared a high margin of error on the many re-bookings, but it turned out that our biggest problem with go-live was that there were not enough sandwiches!” – Anne Vard Svensson Vindelin, System Managing Director, IT Concern at Region Zealand

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