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Neste Jacobs promote continuous learning culture for Nordic petrochemical technology community

Neste Jacobs is the Nordic region’s leading provider of technology, engineering and project services for organizations in a wide range of oil, gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, biorefining, biochemical, biopharma and industrial infrastructure industries.

Neste Jacobs has 60 years of experience in technology development and industrial investment projects as well as maintenance and performance improvement in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, and they employ around 1300 people in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

HRD Manager Inka Lönnström-Laitinen and HR Coordinator Riikka Raatesalmi recognise that the company’s business growth requires employees to learn continuously and to share their knowledge. They have therefore been developing and promoting a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

The Challenge

Lönnström-Laitinen says that historically most of the information and material related to training and development used to be shared via email and there was no central hub. This created some issues as information didn’t always reach everyone and the development material being offered inside the company didn’t get full visibility.

To support continuous lifelong learning and the active sharing of knowledge the company needed a place where employees could easily and effectively get a hold of different materials related to competence development.

It was important to offer a platform where Neste Jacobs’ professionals could easily view the training and development offered and access the training that best matched with their individual needs and development plan.

The nature of the operational environment also meant there were strict requirements on safety and the quality training, as well as on different kinds of certifications employees held related to the industry. It was therefore important to have one common platform that could manage and report on training and compliance.

“We are very pleased with the comprehensive co-operation with Discendum. Reacting to requests and questions was fast from both the project team as well as from Totara Learn Help. The project manager from Discendum was very energetic and managed the project and proceeded with the project assignment as planned very effectively and professionally.”

Inka Lönnström-Laitinen, HRD Manager, Neste Jacobs
The Totara Learn Solution

Neste Jacobs wanted a solution that could provide a central hub but also a system which was:

  • versatile
  • easy to use
  • able to manage appraisals and learning plans
  • able to provide performance support on the job
  • able to track and report on compliance training.


The company selected Discendum and Totara Learn as their main learning platform. The deployment project started in April 2014 and the platform, called the NJ Academy, was launched six months later. The NJ academy is a central place where employees can:

  • browse the competence development material and training available
  • access self-study materials
  • register for training and development sessions
  • take part in development discussions
  • create and review their own personal learning plan.


The most challenging parts in the project included the development of training content and integration and customisation of the platform but the objectives were achieved through a collaborative approach.

Alongside the Totara Learn LMS implementation project Neste Jacobs also developed new eLearning modules in co-operation with HOKS, an agile and experienced online training content designer and partner of Discendum, to support the launch of the new system and the renewed performance and development discussion process.

“The idea is to proactively develop the LMS platform with Discendum and also in the future to offer for example safety and quality training to partners outside Neste Jacobs via this system.  We are also continuously developing our own training offering to better match the needs of the business operations. In the future we would also like to explore Totara Social functionality.”

Inka Lönnström-Laitinen, HRD Manager
The Results

Neste Jacobs through the NJ Academy created a common place and platform to support all training and competence development. The deployment of the platform has also encouraged online content development internally and boosted the knowledge sharing overall, which was a key objective.

Thanks to NJ Academy, it is now easier to share training materials and knowledge between different Neste Jacobs’s offices around the world. With a common platform, the information on development opportunities flows easily and reaches everyone that needs the information.

It also provides all the needed tracking and completion data required for compliance purposes such as the validity of certifications. Safety remains the starting point for all Neste Jacobs operations.

“We are excited how easy it is to share information between all of our offices around the world with Totara Learn. Thanks to the Appraisal and Learning Plan functions, the performance and development discussion process has gotten new elements and our focus has shifted more towards the important areas of performance feedback and competence development.

Inka Lönnström-Laitinen, HRD Manager, Neste Jacobs
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