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Graydon inspires customers and employees with a robust knowledge-sharing platform

Graydon converts big data into information. Based on this information they create valuable economic, financial and commercial insights that help their customers make better business decisions and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

The Challenge

How do you differentiate and innovate in a fast-changing market? For 130 years, Graydon has specialized in converting financial and commercial data into valuable business information. The aim is to help customers gain valuable insights in making their business decisions so that they can reduce risks and increase their commercial opportunities.

To increase the level of knowledge about the market, trends, industry and certain current topics, Graydon needed a platform for both its customers and its own employees, where they could gain more knowledge on these topics. A platform where knowledge can be shared with each other, but also one where you can get inspired. The challenge was to inspire and help our customers to grow in this way.

The Solution

Together with an external party, Graydon investigated what the best way was to share knowledge with their customers. The advice was to purchase an LMS, and specifically, Totara Learn because of how flexible it was compared to other learning platforms.

The Graydon Learning Centre (GLC) became a combination of a learning platform and a way to inform customers about the products, services and insights that they can offer. Users of the GLC have online access to several e-learning, policy documents, e-books, industry research, infographics, tutorials, blogs, tools and more. The complete library is developed and created ‘in-house’ by Graydon employees specialized in credit management, risk and compliance and marketing.

Customers can acquire the knowledge they need and also use the GLC to share the right knowledge within their company. A manager can encourage their employees to also use this knowledge. In addition, some Graydon customers also use the GLC to offer specific modules, developed for them, to their own employees.

After the successful implementation of the Graydon Learning Centre, Graydon launched a Learning Centre for their own employees as well. Graydon says that by investing in the development of their own employees, they can provide better service for their customers.


The Results

Graydon created a Graydon Learning Centre (GLC) that, in addition to education and development, focused on communication and interaction with customers.

The complete library is created in-house by experts and contains several e-learning courses, policy documents, e-books, industry research, infographics, tutorials, blogs, tools and more.

Together with The Courseware Company, the GLC was created completely with their own look and feel, in line with the colours, structure and navigation of their website.

After the successful implementation, Graydon created an internal Graydon Learning Centre to support the development of their own employees.

“We believe that a good knowledge of developments in the market matters for the strategic choices we make. By sharing our expertise and experiences with our customers about the market in which they operate, we can help them with strategic choices. In addition, we also like to talk with our customers, to come back to the market with valuable content constantly. This happens through the GLC, webinars, round tables or media relations. In the 130 years that our company has existed, we have built a great reputation and with the GLC we add a new opportunity for our goal to be an innovative and distinctive supplier.”
–Maurice van Weerdenburg, client director at Graydon Netherlands

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