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Aegon Romania offers product training to 4,500 salespeople across the country with Totara Learn

Aegon is a key player in the life insurance and private pensions market. Aegon’s main goal is to help people take responsibility for their financial future through modern, secure and transparent products and professional, customer experience-centric services.

The Challenge

Aegon Romania were finding their existing learning management system increasingly outdated and not very user-friendly, and they knew that they needed a new LMS to meet and grow with their business needs.

In Romania, there is a legal requirement for distributors of life insurance to obtain a certification, making it essential that the new LMS would support this legal requirement, as well as Aegon’s business need to deliver product training to 4,500 learners across Romania. It was too expensive and logistically challenging to meet everyone for face-to-face training, so a comprehensive LMS would ensure that everyone received the training they needed in a timely fashion.

The Solution

Aegon had previously worked with Totara Partner Nosco, who suggested that Totara Learn may be the ideal LMS for their needs.

Nosco knew that Aegon’s existing LMS was lacking all the functionality they needed, and recommended Totara Learn because of its comprehensive functionality and specific features such as reporting, which they knew would come in useful for Aegon.

Nosco worked with Aegon to design a single Totara Learn solution to connect e-learning and classroom training so that everyone could find all of their learning in one place. The LMS was designed to represent the Aegon brand through theming and the overall look and feel.

Aegon previously planned classroom training using Outlook, so moving it onto their LMS was a useful way to consolidate learning. The voting functionality is also used for learners to vote on topics for increased engagement.

“We are still at the beginning of using the platform, but we see that the features it has will help us achieve our goal of having an online learning community of engaged users.”

– Cristina Lorint, Trainer, Aegon 

The e-learning content comprises technical and legal training about the products they offer, along with video content about the sales process. Learners then complete quizzes within the LMS to demonstrate their understanding of the content, which enables them to receive their certification to distribute life insurance. This helps Aegon meet its legal requirement in a hassle-free, user-friendly way.

As part of Nosco’s two-day training session with Aegon, they also showed them Totara Learn’s reporting functionality. Aegon had never previously had access to this kind of information, so having access to this data gives them much better visibility over learners’ progress and performance.


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The Results

Aegon is delighted with its Totara Learn platform by Nosco, and they are particularly pleased with the comprehensive range of available features and the easy scalability. The LMS, which launched in January 2018, is currently used by 100 internal employees and 4,500 external sellers of Aegon’s pension and life insurance products.

The Aegon team has ambitious plans for the platform. They want to turn it into a full community for learning, where it will be the first place people go to visit forums and gain knowledge to help them in their roles.

They plan to implement a ‘one minute a day’ training initiative, where learners answer a single question in the LMS every day to help them build their knowledge over time. This will make the platform a useful hub for social learning with a knowledge base complete with wikis to support learning, particularly for salespeople and those working in call centres.


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